Pascal Arquitectos

23 julio 2013

Hilton Spa de Pascal Arquitectos ganador del Tercer lugar en los premios PIDA

También el Hotel Hilton Reforma Mexico City quedó dentro de los primeros 10 hoteles seleccionados.


From July 8 to 13 Ischia becomes one of the international capitals of architecture. Comes back, in fact, PIDA, Ischia International Architecture Award, now in its sixth edition. “Today – say the organizers – the architectures of hospitality are times of challenge and confrontation between the designers and architects around the world.

Design Hotel, Love Hotel, SPA Hotel, Boutique Hotel, Art Hotel, Leisure Hotel, Resort Hotel, are just some of the issues that increasingly are tied to the fashions of times and explain the complexity in designing and building a hotel today. From this reflection takes the name the current edition, “Hotel Lifestyle Means”.
This year’s program is particularly rich and varied, with some new features compared to previous editions. The focal point is the delivery of the prize Ischia International Architecture, which provides cash awards, software licenses and publications. There are two main sections established: hotels and SPA . The works can relate to the creation of new architecture or recovery, rehabilitation and expansion of existing buildings”. In addition to international competition, the event will be accompanied by exhibitions, lectures and debates.The Ischia International Architecture Prize is organized by PIDA with the collaboration of the Architects of Naples and HSDesign.

Competition Ranking PIDA 2013
The jury consisting of: Francesco Pagliari, Sergio Bizzarro, Grazia Torre, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Ermanno Caroppi, Luca Gibello, Mario Bellini, Francesco Scardaccione and Simone Velsati has declared the winning projects of the sixth edition of the Ischia International Award for Architecture, 2013.

Section PIDA SPA
– “Beauty Farm Hair Glamour” by I. Brogi, F. Mei
– “Apollo 11” by Bruzzo, Mantovani
– “Hilton SPA” by Pascal Arquitectos

Section PIDA
– “Slow Life” by Pietro Abbruzzese and Dario Sasso
– “Zash Country Boutique Hotel” by A. Iraci, M. Renda, S. Terranova, S. Vivirito
– “Hotel 1301 Inn” by Brero, Del Maschio, Pujatti
4th cl (61 points) – “Le Corti di Begio” ” by Michele Fabiano, Rubrichi
5th cl (60 points) – “Riva Lofts” by Claudio Nardi
6th cl (59 points, equal level) – “La quiete degli elementi” by Massimo Roj and “The Ashbee” by Michele Sclafani
7th cl (58 points) – “Hotel Piazza Bellini” by Aurino, Discepolo, Fasanaro
8 ° cl (55 points) – “Hilton Hotel” by Pascal Arquitectos
9th cl (53 points) – “AC Hotel” in Michelizzi, Fabietti
10 ° cl (51 points) – “Lava in-forme” by Orsini, Esposito

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